Fellow SAA Members:

I am writing to convey my very best wishes and sincere thanks to all of you as we wrap up an eventful and successful 2019 and continue building our momentum into the next calendar year. As we reflect on the year’s outstanding events, I believe that we have many reasons to be proud of our accomplishments and look forward with enthusiasm to the plans already underway for 2020.

We started the year with a successful Outlook Conference and followed that up with an information-packed event examining recalls and warranties. The OEM Purchasing Summit didn’t disappoint, nor did one of our new events which reviewed the state of M&A activity. Our annual lightweighting event evolved into our new Mobility Innovations Summit. The award program associated with the Summit exploded in interest as entries jumped by more than 400 percent.

We finished the year with an incredible event hosted by Magna. The members-only event exemplified what we hope to accomplish: It provided members unique access to both industry executives and an impressive Innovations Showcase, new insight from a leading global supplier, and valuable networking opportunities.

Our Board of Directors continued to evolve and diversify to better reflect the changing marketplace as we brought on Cristi Landy of Waymo and Fred Hubacker of Conway MacKenzie. The SAA Board continues to develop strategies and map out a plan to help the organization address emerging issues and provide increased member value.

Speaking of member value, the SAA formed partnerships with AutoBeat Daily and dBusiness to provide access to more content and insights. Our partnership with Media Genesis allowed us to introduce SAA Quarterly Industry Insights video series which spotlights thought leaders from SAA members.

And now, 2019 comes to a close. As an industry, we have milestones to celebrate, but we also have critical issues that lie ahead. As we head into 2020, I ask that you continue to support the SAA. Please consider becoming even more engaged as we move forward in the next year to address the unique and complex issues our industry faces. A great way to start the year is by attending our annual Automotive Outlook Conference on Jan. 21. Registration is now open – just click here. The event will feature insight from leading analysts and economists and will help you prepare for the year ahead.

I have one final piece of business. I have served the last two years as the SAA president and am proud of all we have accomplished. I now hand the gavel over to the very capable Scott Tappan. Scott has been an amazing Board Member and I have total confidence that Scott and the rest of the Board will take the SAA to new heights. 

This is a great organization. Thanks for being part of it, and thanks so much for helping to make the past year so memorable. I invite you to join me in anticipating what we will accomplish together in the year to come.




Chris Brower

SAA President