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Register Today for the 5th Annual Mobility Innovations Summit

Technological innovation is driving unprecedented change to mobility as we know it. At the helm of that change are Suppliers and OEMs harnessing new breakthroughs in science and technology to make transportation and vehicles safer and better for customers and communities.

Join us for the fifth annual Mobility Innovations Summit, featuring Matt Tsien, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at General Motors, for a conversation on how GM is driving innovation throughout the company. Abey Abraham of Ducker will provide his thoughts on the direction of mobility, and we will hear from and then recognize this year’s finalists and winners of the Mobility Innovation Awards. This event is held in partnership with Ducker.

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U.S. Car Sales Climb 7% in October

Source: AutoBeat

Monthly retail car sales in the U.S. are headed for their second consecutive year-on-year gain.  October sales are expected to climb 7%, according to LMC Automotive and J.D. Power. That will translate to an annualized rate of 15.9 million units. U.S. deliveries last year totaled 17.1 million light vehicles.

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Q’d Up Mobility Briefing to Examine Pandemic’s Impact on Mobility

The next Q’d Up Mobility Briefing will stream live on the North American International Auto Show’s Facebook page on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 1:30 p.m. (EST). The briefing will feature Polypore CEO and AK Plastics Senior Executive Officer John Moyer, who will discuss how the pandemic has impacted the mobility industry and what they are doing to keep vehicle occupants safe.

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Can the Airbnb Model Work in the Automotive Industry?

Source: Auto World

As a business model, Airbnb has proven a polarizing force. Many have hailed it as a success, boasting a global presence that makes affordable and often unique experiences possible in countless cities. Others will point to the company’s recent run of losses, driven in part by much-publicized security issues that have put customers and their money at risk. Others still highlight the negative social impact of the business, which has been implicated in gentrification and the pricing-out of low-income city residents.

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Electric Vehicles Are Becoming the Future of the Automotive Industry

Source: Yahoo Finance

BNEF predicts that by 2040 EV sales will rise to nearly 60% of the global auto market. That is quite a difference compared to 2010 when annual sales were close to zero. With consumers becoming more aware and conscious, along with favorable market forces that are gaining momentum, EVs are quickly becoming the future of the automotive industry with many EV companies showing massive growth potential.

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Ford Blows Away Earnings Expectations as Consumers Buy Up Trucks During Pandemic

Source: CNBC

Ford blew away Wall Street expectations as well as the company’s forecast earnings for the third quarter. The top and bottom beats were on stronger-than-expected demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The EVs Are Coming

Source: Car and Driver

The Nissan Leaf was a shoo-in for success. The Chevrolet Bolt, a can't miss. The Audi e-tron, an EV that would show Tesla what the big boys can do. Early on, those electric models were lauded as game changers, but the game didn't change. Electric vehicles have had a rough go of it in the United States.

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Electrification — Automotive Sector Impact Report

Source: LMC Automotive

By the early part of the next decade, LMCA expects that more than half of global sales of Passenger Cars (including North American Light Trucks) will be electrified in one way or another. Individual markets and regions may move at very different speeds, with Europe and China expected to be among the electrification leaders. The outcome for the U.S. depends very much on the direction of political will.

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