Hear How Mobility's Future Will Impact Infrastructure and Whether Consumers are Prepared

What is the future of mobility and how do we accelerate that future? How will the future of mobility impact our infrastructure and urban planning? How does adoption of electrification of heavy equipment/freight trucks compare with electrification of passenger vehicles? And, perhaps most importantly, are consumers ready for this future

The SAA, in cooperation with Great Lakes GrowthWorks, will examine many of the key issues relating to mobility’s future on Feb. 18, 2020. Hear from a diverse line-up of speakers and bring your questions for an extended Q&A session.

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Auto Analysts Predict Just Under 17 Million Vehicles will be Sold in 2020

The 33rd Annual Society of Automotive Analysts Automotive Outlook Conference was held at The Mint at Michigan First Conference Center in Lathrup Village. Analysts discussed their projections for vehicle sales, how the economy is doing in relation to the automotive industry and how electric vehicles come into the picture.

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BorgWarner to Buy Delphi Technologies in $3.3 Billion Auto Parts Deal

BorgWarner Inc on Tuesday agreed to buy UK-based Delphi Technologies Plc in a $3.3 billion deal, as the U.S. auto parts maker positions itself to grab more sales in the fast-growing market for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The acquisition, BorgWarner's biggest merger in at least a decade, will add Delphi's expertise in power electronics and expand its own portfolio as the auto industry makes a wider range of vehicles that focus on clean technology.

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Light Trucks Drive Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru, Kia to Gains

It looks like January may have been a decent month for U.S. auto sales. With the help of crossovers and other light trucks, gains were posted nearly across the board for the companies that have decided not to abandon the industry’s long tradition of monthly sales reports.

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CES 2020: The Latest Tech Innovations

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas provided a glimpse into how technology is shaping the future of the auto industry. Instead of the traditional new model reveals, CES showcases the growing synergy between automakers and tech companies.

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Find the Right Business Case Through Cost Simulation

Win profitable business and reduce costs with a best-in-class solution for enterprise-wide product costing. Answer tough decision-making questions like, how do long-term price agreements affect return on sales? Which quotation variant is profitable over its lifetime? Most costing experts and departments spend too much time manually verifying and validating data rather than modeling the impact of business case variants. With FACTON EPC Business Case Simulator, enterprises automatically simulate production and project costs and gain insights into them based on a “what if” examination. Users can immediately check the influence of new parameters, create forecasts, and measure impacts on key business figures in real time. 

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Coronavirus Impact on the Automotive Industry

The new coronavirus 2019-nCoV is probably more contagious than severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and continues to spread rapidly, although key details of its nature are still unconfirmed by the WHO. The pathology, contagiousness, clinical spectrum, and incubation period of 2019-nCoV have still not been confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) or China's National Health Commission (NHC).

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3 Trends Could Fuel Success in 2020

The automotive manufacturing landscape is changing before our eyes. The rise of the Internet of Things and machine learning are paving the way for automakers to design and build incredibly powerful and technology-enabled vehicles.

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The Auto Industry Wanted Easier Environmental Rules. It Got Chaos.

When Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. called the president last spring, he was hoping to defuse what was looking like a lengthy legal battle over the nation’s fuel-economy regulations for vehicles. The Trump administration wanted to significantly ease U.S. environmental rules. California had sued to stop that. The car industry was caught in the middle. Mr. Ford, calling from his Dearborn, Mich., office, urged the president to broker a compromise with California, according to people with knowledge of the conversation.

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Connected Cars: How 5G and IoT Will Affect the Auto Industry

Autonomous cars (and other vehicles, such as trucks) may still be years away from widespread deployment, but connected cars are very much with us. The modern automobile is fast becoming a sensor-laden mobile Internet of Things device, with considerable on-board computing power and communication systems devoted to three broad areas: vehicle location, driver behavior, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity (telematics); the surrounding environment (vehicle-to-everything or V2X communication); and the vehicle's occupants (infotainment). All of these systems use cellular -- and increasingly 5G -- technology, among others.

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U.S. Sales: What to Expect in 2020?

LMC Automotive has spent part of January going over all the numbers from 2019 and looking for clues of what will happen this year to the US market. Find out what their major takeaways were.

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