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Entries Now Being Taken for Innovation in Mobility Awards

The submission period for SAA’s Innovation in Mobility Awards is now open! The two categories you can enter include:

1) Innovations in Lightweighting: This award recognizes suppliers that offer innovative products or technologies that provide either direct or indirect mass savings. The 2018 winner, AAM, developed an innovative driveline technology (QUANTUM) that saved up to 35% mass compared to the incumbent solution without sacrificing performance or power.

2) Technologies Enabling New Business Models: Nominees would include suppliers, OEMs and service providers that are pushing the boundaries in serving and proactively responding to the highly evolving “mobility” space. The award would identify that companies that are actively transitioning away from traditional business models and practices and adding new lines of business and services.

Submitting an entry for the new Innovation in Mobility Awards is easy and takes just minutes to do. Click here for more information and to make your submission today. Deadline is July 31, 2019.

The award winners will be announced at the Strategic Planning and Innovations Summit on October 17, 2019.


U.S. June Sales a Mixed Bag for Automakers; SUVs, Trucks Still Strong

Source: Reuters

Major automakers posted mixed U.S. sales results for June and the second quarter, with demand still fairly strong for SUVs and pickup trucks while passenger car sales continued a long-running decline.

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Vehicle Sales are Down for the Detroit Three, But Prices are Rising

Source: Detroit Free Press

Auto sales slowed in the first half of 2019 compared to a year earlier and industry experts say the back half of the year could be bumpy and unpredictable. The good news for automakers is their new vehicles are commanding higher prices from consumers, reaching new record levels.

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Edmunds Warns of a Tough 2019 for US Auto Industry as Sales Slide for Second Time Since Great Recession and Profits Shrink

Source: CNBC

U.S. auto sales are estimated to have fallen by about 2% during the first half of the year, setting the industry up for its second year-over-year decline since it emerged from the Great Recession nearly a decade ago, two new studies warn. How much deeper the downturn will go is a matter of debate, as is the timing of a market recovery, according to researchers.  But even the modest decline predicted over the next three or so years, the studies agree, will strain the resources of automakers who have seen costs rising, even as sales and revenues slow.

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Save the Date: October 17, 2019

The annual Automotive Lightweighting Summit has evolved into the Strategic Planning and Innovation Summit. The new event will take place October 17, 2019 at AAM in Detroit. The event is held in partnership with DuckerFrontier. More information to come soon.


SAA Members Receive Discount for Automotive LIDAR 2019 Conference

LIDAR has been in use for over 60 years in military, aerospace, robotics, and meteorological fields. Today it is experiencing a flurry of interest due to the expectation that it will be one of the key sensors to enable autonomous driving. With more than $1.7 billion raised to date, more than 85 companies are developing automotive grade LIDAR sensors using their unique approaches.

Automotive LIDAR 2019 is the only event in the world exclusively focused on automotive LIDAR technologies and applications. The conference's sessions will describe the various approaches to make a LIDAR system, as well as explain via physics and math the reasons to choose one approach over another. Other discussions include publicly disclosed methods from each of the known developers, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they likely they are to scale in manufacturability and cost. The conference will also provide overviews of marketplace projections and business trends. The material presented will enable attendees to make well-informed decisions regarding which LIDAR approaches are optimal for solving their challenges and requirements.

SAA members are invited to attend this conference to identify emerging technology and application trends, exchange ideas, form new companies, and network with OEMs, Tier Ones, startups, and many others.  SAA members can also take advantage of a special 10% registration discount code (use this code when registering: SAAVIP10).

Click here for more information and to register.


Behind the Plunge in China Auto Sales: Chaotic Implementation of New Emission Rules

Source: CNBC

Shanghai-based Buick dealer Ron Li in late April found himself in an unfamiliar quandary: how to sell off almost 80 sedans and sport-utility vehicles crowding up his dealership lot. The crux of the problem: a June 30 deadline for cars built to so-called China-5 emissions standards to be sold. After that only vehicles meeting new standards could be put up for sale. People were still coming in but weren’t buying the stage-5 cars, Li said.

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GM Avoids this Auto Industry 'Wreck,' Giving it an Edge Over Ford

Source: Investors Business Daily

General Motors may have an edge over Ford Motor, which remains in Europe, where an auto analyst warns uncertainties surrounding hybrid and electric cars could "wreak havoc" on margins. GM stock rose and Ford stock fell even as it eyed a buy point. Tougher clean-air rules take effect in the European Union in 2020, with huge fines being phased in. But a successful transition to pure EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) depends highly on government incentives.

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Obtain Free Access to AutoBeat Daily

As an SAA member value – SAA members receive complimentary access to AutoBeat Daily. Simply log-in to the SAA Member Section on to learn how to start your free subscription.


The Average Age of Cars on America's Roads Went Up Again, Report Says

Source: CNET

The average age of cars on the road is a fascinating statistic for a lot of reasons. For one, it provides an interesting way of looking at the economy. If the economy is good, more people buy newer cars and the average drops. If it's bad, then it goes the other way. Obviously, there are way more contributing factors to how long people keep their vehicles than just the state of the economy, but it's perhaps telling that the average age of vehicles is at its highest point -- 11.8 years -- since that figure started being tracked in the early 2000s.

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Renault Should Sell Nissan Stake and Press Ahead with FCA Merger, Analyst Says

Source: Automotive News Europe

Renault should sell its 43 percent in Nissan and merge with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, says Bernstein analyst Max Warburton. In a letter to Renault Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard, Warburton writes that Renault should no longer cling to the idea that its alliance with Nissan can be preserved when all the indications are to the contrary.

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