Global Light Vehicle Sales Update

Global Light Vehicle Sales Update 

December’s Global Light Vehicle (LV) selling rate fell for the fourth consecutive month to 82.7 mn units/year, despite flat YoY raw monthly registrations. The total sales figure for 2022, 81mn vehicles, came in slightly below that of 2021 (-0.6%) due to heightened market disruptions.

China’s market experienced a sluggish end to 2022 with December raw sales down almost 12% YoY, largely attributed to increased disruption and uncertainty with the abrupt ending to the zero-Covid policy. North America and Europe both showed positive YoY growth for December, although both remained shy of their 2021 performances (-7% and -11% respectively).

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What it is Like to be an Auto Analyst

With the advent of vehicle electrification and the recent advances in vehicle autonomy, it is an exciting time to be an auto analyst

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A friend recently asked me what it is like to be an auto analyst and it got me thinking about how exciting it has been, especially in the last couple of years, with the start of vehicle electrification and the recent advances in vehicle autonomy.

Prior to the advent of electric and Autonomous Vehicles, the auto sector was viewed by many as being somewhat staid and only attracted the attention of die-hard enthusiasts. But with the arrival of these cutting-edge technologies, both the nature and perception of the sector have changed radically, with the industry now venturing into the realm of high tech. Tesla, for example, has become one of the highest-valued companies globally. Its market capitalization peaked at more than US$1.2 trillion, leaving me wishing that I had bought Tesla stocks!

The sector is now at the forefront of one of the most important innovations of the century. So, with all these advancements, the answer to my friend’s question is, undoubtedly, that being an auto analyst is exhilarating.

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