It's Back!  After a year layoff, the annual Mobility Innovations Awards have returned.


Entries are now being accepted for SAA's Mobility Innovation Awards.

An award competition that is free and easy to enter.

Winners will be announced during SAA's Mobility Innovation Summit on November 15, 2022.

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Easy to do from the comforts of your home office:

Step 1: Choose the category you wish to enter

Step 2: Complete the short entry form

Step 3: Submit (e-mail) photos and other background info which may help your entry

Step 4: Sit back and wait to hear from the SAA if you are a finalist


The two finalists for each category will be asked to give a brief presentation on the innovation during the virtual Innovation Summit. 


There are two award categories:

    1) Innovations in Lightweighting (advanced materials, powertrain, batteries, enabling technologies, etc.)

    2) Technologies Enabling New Business Models

After completing the form below, please send a photo of the technology being entered, logo of the company, and any other related image to


About the Award Categories:

Innovations in Lightweighting (advanced materials, powertrain, batteries, enabling technologies, etc.): This award recognizes suppliers serving North American and global automotive OEMs with innovative products or technologies that provide either direct or indirect mass savings.

The 2020 winner, BASF, captured first place for the 2021 Toyota Sienna Third Row Plastic Freestanding Seat Frame. In the previous Sienna model, the third-row seat was comprised of 15 different steel components, making it very heavy. Toyota wanted the 2021 Sienna’s third seat to be lighter and cost-competitive while exceeding all performance criteria. The seat was 30% lighter compared to the previous model., and Toyota was able to meet their cost objective while saving 15% compared to the prior generation.

Technologies Enabling New Business Models:

The nominees for this category would include suppliers, OEMs and service providers who are pushing the boundaries in serving and proactively responding to the highly evolving “mobility” space. The award would identify the companies that are actively transitioning away from traditional business models and practices and adding new lines of business and services, including any of the following:

  • Electrification and Automated Driving
  • Focus on initiatives in and outside the traditional auto industry, i.e. eVTOL or charging infrastructures
  • Advanced propulsion technologies including batteries and motors/drives

Sibros was the 2020 winner for its Deep Connectivity Platform, which is a single system for performing deep Over-the-Air software updates and data collection on over 80 electronic control units. The platform is an integrated suite of embedded vehicle firmware products with intelligent cloud applications to connect and manage all software and data from inside the vehicle, across various cellular and wireless networks and into cloud systems.


About the Judges:

Judges for the 2022 Mobility Innovation Awards include:

  • Abe Vadhavkar, Former Director of Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology, Center for Automotive Research (CAR)
  • Hadrian Rori, Chief Technical Officer, Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT)
  • Lindsay Brooke, Editor-in-Chief of Automotive Engineering and Autonomous Vehicle Engineering Magazines, SAE International


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