This is Where Electric Vehicle Adoption is Headed Between 2022 and 2025

Jun 21, 2022 | Comments Off on This is Where Electric Vehicle Adoption is Headed Between 2022 and 2025

The number of consumers looking to buy EVs globally has hit 52%. This is the first time 50% has been exceeded, and it represents a rise of 22 percentage points in just two years.

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Average Age of Vehicles in the U.S. Increases to 12.2 Years, According to S&P Global Mobility

Jun 21, 2022 |

The average age of light vehicles in operation (VIO) in the US rose to 12.2 years this year, increasing by nearly two months over the prior year, according to new research from S&P Global Mobility (formerly the automotive team at IHS Markit).

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Stagflation Would Raise Liquidity, Refi Risk for Some U.S. Industrials

Jun 16, 2022 |

Stagflation would heighten liquidity and refinancing risks for some U.S. airlines and auto suppliers, due to high exposure to elevated energy prices, demand elasticity, large upcoming maturities or a high percentage of floating-rate debt, says Fitch Ratings.

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Toyota, Honda Finish 1-2; General Motors Finishes at 3rd in Annual Supplier Working Relations Study

Jun 12, 2022 |

Results of the 22nd annual North American Automotive OEM – Supplier Working Relations Index® (WRI®) Study show in spite of supply chain shortages and production volatility, transition pains to electric vehicles, logistics constraints, and increasing raw material costs impacting automakers and suppliers, two of the six major U.S. OEMs made substantial improvement in their WRI® scores and two held steady, while two others fell – one significantly.

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The Latest SAA Newsletter

Jun 3, 2022 |

• Register Today for an Exclusive Peek Into Microsoft Technologies and Tour of the Microsoft Technology Center
• New Car Sales Forecast to Plummet 20.9% in May, as Supply Remains Low
• Miss the SAA Webinar on Staffing? Watch it Now
• Plante Moran Shares Key Findings from its Newly Released 2022 Working Relations Index® Study
• Key Changes in Stellantis/FCA New Terms and Conditions
• Some Ford, Stellantis Plants Down Due to Chip Constraints
• China Passenger Car Sales Tumble 35.7% Year Over Year in April
• New Twist in Automotive Recall Trends
• Toyota Again Rated Highest for Relationships With Suppliers
• Can the Automotive Industry Scale Fast Enough?
• Stagflation Would Raise Liquidity, Refi Risk for Some U.S. Industrials
• Stellantis Purchasing and Supply Chain Executive Out Amid Supplier Issues
• How Shanghai Lockdowns Are Changing the Auto Industry
• Ford CEO Expects to See Industry Consolidation as the Costs of Transition to Electric Vehicles Rise
• New Car Sales Keep Dropping Because There Just Aren’t Enough Cars

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2022 SAA Events

Feb 5, 2022 |

The SAA has a robust line-up of in-person and virtual events planned for 2022. Check regularly for updates.

Click here to learn more.

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Fewer Vehicles, More Sales in Autonomous Age

Feb 1, 2022 |

Anticipate fewer vehicles will ply the roadways when the age of autonomous vehicles is in full swing a few decades from now. Read more on this key topic that was discussed at SAA’s 35th Annual Automotive Outlook Conference.

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The Top Business Intelligence and Analytics Trends for the Automotive Industry 2022

Jan 22, 2022 |

What’s struck me in the past years is how the tools we have at our disposal, at a societal and corporate level, are insufficient to solve the big challenges we face. We see this with the pandemic, climate change, social inequity and much more. And, more recently, in the disruptions in supply chains, which have created global shortages of key components and materials – many of those impacting the automotive industry. To solve our biggest issues, we don’t have a choice but to get together and create joint, interwoven solutions.

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What it is Like to be an Auto Analyst

Dec 20, 2021 |

From vehicle electrification to autonomous driving, the automotive industry is changing rapidly. LMC’s Director of Asia-Pacific Forecasting, May Arthapan, describes why this is such an exhilarating time to be an analyst in the sector.

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Auto-Recall Attention Turns to Integrated Electronics

Apr 28, 2021 |

“New technologies lead to new challenges,” says NHTSA’s Stephen Ridella during the 8th Annual Automotive Recalls Summit held in partnership with Stout on March 18.

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