COVID-19 Automotive Sector Impact Report

Sep 21, 2020 |

Access LMC Automotive’s latest COVID-19 Automotive Sector Impact Report to view insights and data from the Global Light Vehicle Sector, helping you to make business decisions so you can keep ahead in your market.

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Automotive COVID-19 Recovery Series: The OEM Landscape

Sep 17, 2020 |

In the whitepaper, The OEM Landscape, IHS Markit looks at constrained and increasingly competitive market conditions in the United States, and lays out the greatest opportunities to maximize success in the short-term. This whitepaper is one of three whitepapers produced for IHS Markit’s COVID-19 Recovery Series.

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The Latest SAA Newsletter

Sep 7, 2020 |

• New SAA Industry Insights Video Summarizes 2020 OEM-Supplier Relations Study
• Webinar: Supplier Strategy Re-Boot: Navigating the Post-COVID Market
• Entries Now Being Accepted for the Mobility Innovations Awards
• Automaker Suffering Continues as August Vehicle Sales Fall
• Miss the SAA-YPN Webinar on Better Leveraging LinkedIn?
• SAA Partners with the NAIAS on Its New Thought Leadership Series
• The Auto Industry Faces Costly Low Inventory Levels
• Auto Industry Needs to Play Catch-Up
• New DuckerFrontier Survey Finds Aluminum Remains Fastest Growing Automotive Material, Emerging as a Preferred Metal for EVs
• Auto Industry Retrenches After Second Quarter Losses
• Trump’s Trade War Drives Some Auto Jobs to China
• Car-Buying Tips Amid COVID-19 – Six Key Questions Answered On New, Used Cars, Trucks, SUVs
• Will the Reminisce Soon Be: ‘I Remember My First CUV?’
• Global Autos on Track for Cherished “V” Recovery but Stall Mode Spooks Investors

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Q’d Up Mobility — NAIAS’ Thought Leadership Series — Kicks Off on Sept. 22

Sep 5, 2020 |

NAIAS’ new Q’d Up Mobility thought leadership series kicks off Sept. 22. Hear from ZF Group North America President, Dr. Martin Fischer — opening a window into the real-time business strategy developed to steer a 100-year-old company through a corporate transformation and pandemic and how ZF embraces a set of Principles of Uncertainty.

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New Survey: Aluminum Remains Fastest Growing Automotive Material, Emerging as a Preferred Metal for EVs

Aug 21, 2020 |

The Detroit 3 (FCA, Ford, GM) and their international counterparts and suppliers with manufacturing and assembly in North America have started to return to life this week after a two-month lockdown due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The automakers have redesigned assembly lines and added additional training for autoworkers in an increased effort to avoid additional outbreaks of COVID-19 that could throw off production for a second time.

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Pandemic Bailout Headed Off Potential Auto Industry Disaster, Says Retired FCA Sales Chief

Jul 22, 2020 |

Credit federal aid, including extended unemployment benefits, with keeping the auto industry from crashing and burning during the coronavirus pandemic, Reid Bigland, the recently retired head of sales for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, said during a webinar sponsored by the Society of Automotive Analysts.

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Toyota Sweeps Supplier Relations Rankings in Study; is “Most Preferred” Customer

Jul 5, 2020 |

Results of the 20th annual North American Automotive OEM – Supplier Working Relations Index® Study show that of the six major U.S. and Japanese automakers, only Toyota and FCA made any significant improvement in their scores this year.

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Winning in Asia

May 8, 2020 | Comments Off on Winning in Asia

Learn the secrets to winning in Asian car markets with Michael J. Dunne, an entrepreneur and author with 25 years of success in Asia. A native of Detroit, Dunne has founded companies in China, Thailand and Indonesia. He also speaks Chinese and Thai. Doing business in Asia is like playing an away game. Everything is different. How to grow your business there, to make profits? Dunne’s candid conversations with executives who have found a way to win in Asia will open your eyes to what works and what does not work. Listeners learn how to avoid the land mines. And capitalize on the opportunities.

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2020 SAA Events

Jan 1, 2020 |

The SAA has a robust line-up of events planned for 2020. Check regularly for updates.

Click here to learn more.

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SAA Automotive Outlook Conference Recap: “Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Volatility”

Jan 15, 2019 |

Last Sunday I was honored to present FSG’s Global Economic Outlook at the Society of Automotive Analysts’ Outlook conference in Detroit, the unofficial kickoff of the prestigious North American international Auto Show. I lightheartedly titled my presentation “How to Stop Worrying and Love Volatility” because 2019 promised to feel even more unstable for business and investors than 2018.

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