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Remote Cast: February 25 from 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Enhancing Road Safety with 5G

Combining sensor data from multiple vehicles using 5G will bring a new level of awareness to road dangers and hazards in the vicinity of your car. By using data from the cloud, and with the low latency of 5G edge cloud, it gives drivers an accurate portrayal of what lies ahead and will warn them of impending danger. It could be a slippery road, a pedestrian about to step out into the road or a broken-down car around the next corner. C-V2X use cases will enable cars to see things that car sensors can't.

Join the North American International Auto Show for the next Q’d Up Mobility to hear three top experts discuss the role of 5G and how improvements in technology will play a key role in increasing road safety and on our way towards autonomous driving.

Panelists Include:
  • Jeff Frantz, General Manager, Verizon Location Technology
  • Charity Rumery, Head of Automotive and Industrial Sales, Americas Region, HERE Technologies
  • Sameer Vuyyuru, Director of Business Development for Communication Service Providers, Amazon Web Services

The discussion will be moderated by Glenn Stevens, Executive Director, MICHauto

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