Networking Breakfast which examined mergers and acquisitions and price fixing (10/26/11)

Mergers & Acquisitions

The global automotive industry M&A deal market showed a significant increase in deal value during the first half of 2011, with 303 deals closed with a disclosed value of $18.8 billion.  

What do analysts see on the horizon for M&As in the supplier base? Will the upswing continue or revert back to the inactivity of the past five years? Find out the answers to this and more from three leading M&A experts.

-- Paul Elie, Partner, Transaction Services, PwC
-- Fred Hubacker, Executive Director, Conway MacKenzie
-- Chas Chandler, Partner, Amherst Partners

Price Fixing & Collusion

You’ve seen the headlines: A supplier fined $200 million and facing jail time for price fixing. How much further will the investigation go and what do suppliers need to know to protect themselves?  

A panel of experts on this issue that will look at how we got here and what’s happening now on this issue, what do the federal investigations entail, the
potential impact on the industry at-large and more.
-- Scott T. Wrobel, CFE, CFS, Director, Stout Risius Ross
-- George B. Donnini, Esq.,  Shareholder, Butzel Long
-- Matthew F. Leitman, Esq., Principal, Miller Canfield

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