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Annual OEM Purchasing Summit to Examine Supplier-OEM Relationships

One of the most popular events of the Society of Automotive Analysts is the annual OEM Purchasing Summit. Purchasing executives from the Big 6 Automakers will join Dr. John Henke (pictured to the left) to discuss their companies’ purchasing strategies and the state of relationships between OEMs and suppliers.

Henke will kick-off the Summit presenting the results of the 17th annual N.A. Automotive Buyer-Supplier Relations study. Based on attendee feedback, the event will feature extended time for questions and answers.

The event will take place Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at Faurecia North America in Auburn Hills, MI.  SAA thanks its event sponsor: FACTON.

For more information and to register, go to


Does the U.S. Auto March Sales Indicate the Industry Is Losing Steam?


The U.S. auto sales for March fell short of expectations as sales tumbled 1.6%. The seasonally adjusted annual sales rate stood at 16.6 million units, well below the estimates of 17.2 million. The automakers sold 1.56 million cars and trucks in March. After witnessing seven years of rising sales gain and two successive years of record sales, the U.S. auto industry suddenly seems to have stagnated.

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Auto Industry Ready to Fight GOP's Border Tax

Source: USA Today
The automotive industry is making it clear that it is strongly opposed to the so-called border adjustment tax, saying it would raise the cost of cars and hurt both the industry and customers.

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Key Trends Driving the Auto Industry


During the past four decades, change in the auto industry has been slow but steady. But in the past, say, five years, the rate of change has accelerated. It’s exciting (and a little daunting) to be working in an industry where new developments and innovations are happening so rapidly.   After my visit to the 2017 Canadian International Auto Show, it got me thinking about the changes that are impacting our industry. Here are six automotive trends, based on my experiences.

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Falling Used Car Prices Could Hurt New Sales, Analyst Warns

Source: Automotive News

Prices for used cars and trucks could fall 15 to 20 percent as dealerships become awash in off-lease vehicles, creating “a big problem for the new-vehicle segment,” auto analyst John Murphy said.

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As Auto Sales Cool, There Are Great Deals to be Had — and Worries of a Lending Bubble

Source: LA Times

Heather Milne Barger and her husband knew it was about time to replace their 12-year-old Honda Civic hybrid this year — not only because it was showing its age, but because they knew there were bargains to be had.  “There were a lot of deals that dealerships were having, and cheap financing,” said Milne Barger, 44.

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If Lithia Motors is Any Indication, the Auto Industry is Still Rolling Along


As new-vehicle sales peak in the U.S., inventories are swelling a little bit more than usual and incentive spending is picking up. Automotive investors are anxiously waiting to get any glimpse or forewarning of deteriorating industry health. Investors will have a much better idea of where the industry is headed once major automakers report later this week, along with America's largest dealership group, AutoNation. But if Lithia Motors, Inc. (NYSE: LAD) is any indication, the good times are still rolling.

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Self-Driving Cars Alter Supplier Alliances

Source: Toledo Blade

The race to develop and exploit autonomous vehicle technology is reshaping the hierarchy of the automotive industry, replacing traditional top-down manufacturing relationships with complex webs of alliances and acquisitions.  Deal making in the automotive and technology industry is driven by the rapid transition of self-driving vehicles from research projects to major elements of near-term product plans at several of the world’s biggest automakers.

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