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SAA Ignite to Unleash Innovative Ideas from Industry Professionals

TED Talks have become one of the most popular forms of communications today to spread ideas.  Usually in the form of short, powerful talk, TED welcomes people from various disciplines and cultures who seek a deeper understanding of the world.

SAA Ignite was created based on TED Talks with the hope of bringing together automotive industry professionals who believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, our industry. The event will take place Thursday, August 24, 2017 at Techstars in Detroit.

Hear from passionate individuals who will discuss topics such as tailoring exhaust sounds, creative ways to enhance OEM/supplier relationships and the future of transportation and energy disruption.

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SAA to Delve Into Lightweighting at Upcoming Summit 

The SAA will examine the latest trends, strategies and direction in terms of lightweighting programs including raw materials, recyclability, manufacturing and body design at its Second Automotive Lightweighting Summit.  The event will take place Monday, September 25, 2017 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Detroit Branch.

Achieving weight savings has become a top priority for vehicle manufacturers and parts and material suppliers in order to meet aggressive fuel economy goals. The Summit will feature industry executives representing vehicle manufacturers, parts suppliers and raw material mills.

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Honda's Solo Act Turns Risky in the Alliance-Happy Auto Industry

Source: Bloomberg

Honda Motor Co.’s go-it-alone strategy looks increasingly risky as an alliance-happy auto industry scales up to cope with the soaring investment needed for self-driving vehicles, electrified power trains, connected-car technologies and artificial intelligence.

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Same Game, New Rules

Source: Automotive News (Blog)

The U.S. auto industry has crossed over from expansion to contraction. The general U.S. economy is still strong and building, but for the folks who build or sell light vehicles, it's increasingly clear that seven years of sales growth is ending.  But this is no esoteric college sophomore debate about the relative merits of living in a comfortable but descendant society or a spartan but ascendant one.

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Magna CEO Says Auto Industry Is Overly Optimistic About EVs & Self-Driving Cars … In Public


While the outward consensus of the auto industry now seems to be that a wide rollout of self-driving vehicles and electric cars is inevitable, even if projected timelines vary somewhat, there are still some people out there who remain skeptical. Amongst those skeptics is Magna International CEO Don Walker, who recently commented that he thought the primary reason that auto companies were publicly talking so much about electric vehicles (EVs) and self-driving cars was simply PR, and the desire to be seen as “progressive.” Privately, according to Walker, the auto companies are far more bearish about the growth timelines for the just mentioned technologies — as Walker himself is.

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Amazon, Others Have Potential to Disrupt Auto Industry

Source: Detroit News

What will the auto industry do if Amazon looks to start selling vehicles online?  The potential disruption of direct internet sales and other influences by technology companies was a topic of discussion this week as automakers, suppliers and engineers gathered in Traverse City for the Center for Automotive Research’s annual Management Briefing Seminars.

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Analysis: Toyota-Mazda Plant Deal Shows How Rivals Can be Buddies

Source: USA Today

For Mazda and Toyota, it's profitable to be friends as well as competitors when it comes to building a $1.6 billion auto plant in the USA. The sweeping new alliance between the Japanese automakers signals an acceleration of global consolidation and collaboration as automotive companies grapple with the rising costs of vehicle development and global regulatory standards.

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The Auto Industry is Having a Really Terrible Year

Source: Fortune

Here’s a bad sign for the U.S. economy: Auto sales just fell the most since August 2010, a year after the federal government’s “Cash for Clunkers” program to stimulate demand came to an end.  Sales at General Motors Co. plunged 15 percent in its home market in July, the biggest drop in more than a year. Its Detroit rivals didn’t fare much better: Ford Motor Co. reported its biggest sales decline since October and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV had its second worst tumble this year.

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Donald Trump’s obsession and potential threat to auto-industry ends up securing jobs in USA


During his campaigning days, Donald Trump was quite clear the way he was going to implement new policies to secure jobs in the United States of America.  He targeted industries that require the most man power and ensured those company’s invest heavily in the country. The auto-industry was of course on top of his head while announcing those jobs.   It seems his plan worked as eight of ten states that put Donald Trump to power last November is where most of the auto manufacturing facilities are located and these states have the most employment in automobile sector as per Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA. 

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Driving Change: New Beginnings for the Auto Industry


The auto industry is expected to go through a massive transformation - more than anything we have seen over the last century. David Mau, Portfolio Manager, TD Asset Management, talks to Sara D'Elia about how self-driving vehicles, the end of car ownership, and tech changes could transform how we get from A to B.

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