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Looking to Get Your Idea Heard? Sign Up Today for SAA Ignite

Looking to get your creative ideas heard?  Look no further.  The SAA is excited to introduce the first “SAA Ignite” event which will be held August 24. Modeled on the renowned Ted Talks concept, SAA Ignite will give 10 selected speakers the opportunity to tell the world about their passions and share their ideas.

Do you have a passion?  Are you currently involved in a project that you feel strongly about, that you believe in, that you believe the world will benefit from knowing about?  You may merely have an idea in your head, or your passion may have driven you to create something that is already in existence.  Here is an opportunity to communicate what lies in your heart, the reason you get up in the morning, or the reason that keeps you up at night thinking how to make it actually happen.

The only parameter we are using is that your passion has some link to the automotive business.  After that, there are no boundaries. If you are interested in presenting, you must fill out an interest form by June 27.

Click here for more information and to submit your idea.


Trump Struggles to Make Auto Sales Great Again

Source: Bloomberg

So much for the Trump bump to the U.S. auto market.  Analysts are lowering estimates for 2017 vehicle sales after five months of industrywide deliveries declining from a year earlier. Among the reasons: Carmakers are showing more restraint on discounts than expected and gridlock in Washington reduces the likelihood of a second-half surge.

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Auto Industry Titans Say They're Still Committed to Cutting Emissions

Source: CNBC

Both Ford and General Motors say U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement does not affect their views on climate change, or their plans to reduce carbon emissions.  And some auto industry analysts are skeptical the decision will have that much of an effect on the operations of global car companies, which sell and manufacture automobiles around the world.

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The Auto Industry's Ticking Time Bomb

Source: The Motley Fool

Sales of new vehicles in the U.S. market go up, and they go down -- welcome to the cyclical automotive industry! Of course, there are numerous variables that make each cycle different than the one before it. Right now, auto sales are plateauing, and there's one factor that has some analysts concerned about sales forecasts. Let's look at the issue, and what it means for General Motors and Ford Motor Company.

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On Mackinac, Auto Industry Understands Stiff Competition Hails from Silicon Valley


Michigan spent the 20th century making itself the center of the auto industry. But it's crystal clear Silicon Valley wants that crown for the 21st century. That warning is being sounded at the Mackinac Policy Conference this week. Detroit News business columnist Daniel Howes says economic and business leaders on Mackinac Island this week realize that competition from Silicon Valley isn't going anywhere, and will force business leaders in Michigan to move quicker when it comes to participating in the evolving mobility industry and innovation.

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The Auto Industry May Soon Face an 'Unprecedented Buyer's Strike'

Source: CNBC

In the automobile market, it's not just the subprime loans but falling used-car values that have one widely followed analyst worried. "A stretched auto consumer, falling used prices, and technological obsolescence of current cars are ingredients for an unprecedented buyer's strike," Morgan Stanley Equity Analyst Adam Jonas said in a note Thursday. As a result, he is cutting 1 to 4 million units from his U.S. auto-sales forecast for each year through 2020.

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Morgan Stanley's Auto Analyst Predicts Ford's Earnings Could be Cut in Half

Source: CNBC

Ford shareholders could be in for a rude awakening.  Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas sent a stark warning in a research note to clients: "We believe that Ford's earnings outlook may need to be reset as much as 50 percent lower over the next 18 to 24 months."

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