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Meet OEM purchasing executives and members of their staff at the 9th Annual OEM Purchasing Summit. The event is one of the best attended and received SAA events of the year as it provides suppliers access to purchasing executives of the leading six automakers.



SAA’s 5th Annual State of Automotive Recall and Warranty Summit took a new approach this year and looked deeper into the results of these recalls. Attendees appreciated the "deeper dive" and left with new insights on the impact of recalls. 


Fully autonomous vehicles are getting closer to reality. The pace of development is not slowing down leaving less time to evaluate technology. With many new technologies in development as part of the autonomous driving experience, those who are first to market must be prepared to react quickly to consumer demands, recalls, and the highly competitive landscape. SAA members and guests met at the P3 Group on April 18 to dive into current market trends, development challenges with autonomous vehicles, and explore what we can learn from benchmarking today’s mobility user experiences. Presentations are located in the MEMBERS SECTION. 



Learn how the YPN can help you network and provide valuable insights to help grow your career.



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The Society of Automotive Analysts is an organization that provides members with:

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The Latest SAA Newsletter

• Learn How Recalls Impact Different Industry Segments at Annual Summit
• Will It Be a Smooth Drive or a Bumpy Road for the Automotive Industry in 2018?
• Moving Parts: How the Automotive Industry is Transforming
• Brexit Shock Begins to Hit the UK Car Industry
• Bosch Establishes New Mobility Services Division
• How Suppliers are Innovating to Keep Pace with the Auto Industry
• Electrification, Autonomy Won’t Gain Widespread Adoption for Decades, CAR Study Says
• Glut of Off-Lease SUVs May Slow New Vehicle Sales

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2018 Event List

2018 SAA Events

The SAA has a robust line-up of events planned for 2018. Check regularly for updates.

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Event Insight

Event Sheds Light on Lightweighting Obstacles and Opportunities

A major lightweighting trend is the move toward implementing a mixed material approach in order to lose weight, according to speakers at the September 25 Automotive Lightweighting Summit, organized by the Society of Automotive Analysts (SAA). 

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Investor: Mobility Shifting Auto Industry

The numbers don’t lie: technology companies and automakers are investing billions in smaller companies involved in mobility. And those investments will change transportation within the decade. That’s at least according to Chris Thomas, co-founder and partner of venture capital firm Fontinalis Partners, LLC, who was the keynote speaker at SAA’s Annual Automotive Oulook Conference.

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“New Auto” Was a Key Theme at SAA’s 2018 Outlook Conference

SAA members, guests and media heard from thought leaders on economic and industry considerations, key powertrain trends, sales and production levels and investment considerations for today and beyond at the 31st Annual Automotive Outlook Conference held January 14 at the Gem Theater in Detroit.

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PWC: NA Vehicle Production to Increase to Nearly 20 Million by 2024

Forecasts for economic growth in the US are being revised up following corporation tax cuts that are also boosting investment spending by US companies. The short-term boost to the domestic US economy will support car demand at a time when analysts say some cyclical downturn to vehicle sales in the US is to be expected.

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IHS Markit Forecast: Autonomous Vehicle Sales to Surpass 33M Annually in 2040

More than 33 million autonomous vehicles will be sold globally in 2040, a substantial increase from the 51,000 units forecast for the first year of significant volume in 2021, according to the latest autonomous vehicle sales forecast from IHS Markit.

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